2 de julio de 2009

Tubbypaws Interview

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Tubbypaws is simply put the happiest being in existence. His main practice is illustration and character design, with certain emphasis on happy art. While his origins are a complete mystery, he currently lives in London.
Very few times you are going to have the chance of seeing an specimen such as this one, so , quietly leave your shoes on the entrance and come on in to meet this extremely happy creature.

-- Sam

Is Tubbypaws a person, or more than one individual? (Maybe a group of hundreds of happy goblins doing happy things?)

It depends, I am not sure because I haven't counted recently. I think I am at least one person most of the time and at the very minimum I am a cat sitting on a tall chair. Some times I am no one at all.

Would that be male or female?

Tubbypaws is Tubbypaws. I wore a hat once if that helps. I am often the first Tuesday of November.
I think it would be wise to begin by the beginning. How early in your life did you start making art?

I've always been making art since I was very small but it only became happy about seven years ago.
Why happy art?

Because everyone loves happy and cute art even if they think they don't.

Colour is usually a key element in your creations and you seem to have a great sense of it. Do you think colour is a powerful medium to transmit happiness?

I guess colour could be but not as powerful as a happy ray gun or a twenty four hour radio show devoted to sugar and bunnies.
“Robert Smith of The Cure at ten fifteen on a Saturday night sitting in
the kitchen sink waiting for the telephone to ring.

You don't often use black. Would it be foolish to assume it's an unhappy colour?

It’s not so unhappy its just that my computer doesn't have the colour black on it.

Which happy artists are a happy inspiration for you?

Lots of artist have been big inspirations for tubbypaws but most of them maybe aren't so happy and maybe a lot of them are not safe for work. First people to come to mind would be Chris Ware, Junko Mizuno, Shintaro Kago, Toshio Saeki. The single biggest inspiration for tubbypaws though was a simple cute picture of a cup cake by an unknown artist. It was this one thing that put my on the path to happy art.

This might be important. Are you happy right now?

Tubbypaws is always happy.

As you said, most of the artists you mentioned don't do happy art, but actually seem to be more on the areas of erotism and grotesque. Would tubbypaws ever consider exploring those areas?

If tubbypaws did it would be very happy. Maybe there are very small elements already present through my work.


Most of your artwork is made on the computer. Since it's mostly based on simple shapes, what is the process you follow in crafting them?

It is a lot like my video on youtube 'The artistic method'. I almost never plan anything and nearly always don't know what I am going to draw before I do it. I always go with the first idea. I normally just draw a random shape, normally a circle or bean shape thing then add to it. If a circle looks like a kitten than I will add kitten ears, if it looks like a puppy then I will add a puppy tail. If it looks like a girls head on the floor with happiness coming out of it then I will add some happy.

I've seen some sketches and even paintings. Are this hand-crafted? Do you enjoy creating happy art the old fashion way?

Every so often my computer doesn't like me. When I'm hiding from it I like to draw on bits of paper with old art equipment I found. There are hand drawn things and painted things among the happy. Its nice having a break from digital though its very hard because I only exist online.

The things you show on your blog and on your site seem to be rather isolated pieces. Have you considered making a longer piece, maybe to tell a story?

Yes, you must be look at my computer screen^-^ Tubbypaws is working on a couple of short story based work right now.

Oh, that's great. Can you tell a bit about it?

I don't want to say too much right now. One of them will be a short animation and will be about things tubbypaws likes and haven't drawn for a while. They will be strange and happy.

What is the happiest thing for you? is it puppies? kittens? ice-cream? shiny things?

The happiest thing for tubbypaws is a two am kitten parade through a jelly bean factory.

That's way too much happy. I think humans couldn't stand that much happiness. Are you human?

Tubbypaws is tubbypaws.

Yes it is. And what about unhappy? what is the contrary to happy for you?

two fifteen am when the parade is over, all the kittens in the rain waiting for taxis to take them home. It's so sad, kittens find it had to hail taxis.

Heartbreaking. I'm depressed now. Can you cheer me up?

The parade is two am every day.

Ahh, thank you.
Does tubbypaws dreams while sleeping? do you remember your latest dream?

I had a dream I was being chased by The Beatles through sixties London. Often get this dream.

Is it a nightmare?

I don't know, I am a fast runner.

What happy music do you listen to?

Shonen Knife, Tama and The Smiths.

What is your purpose, tubbypaws?

To fill the world with happiness and kittens.

And what will be of you when you achieve that?

Then I will move on, knowing my work here is done.

Last question. What do you think about penguins?

I saw a penguin once, he was small so I think penguins are small, smaller than me.

* * * * *

All images are property of Tubbypaws. Used with permission.

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